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VelDyke Realty, Inc. is a family company that was started in 1962 by the Veldwyk family. It is now run by the third generation and with the same values. Here at VelDyke Realty, Inc. we take our clients’ beliefs at heart. We work with the idea that people do business with people. And we connect with people on a genuine level… we treat them like our own family. Isn’t that the way it should be? 

“This is our 2nd house purchased from Cheryl at VelDyke Realty, and each time, once she zeroed in on the house we sought and sent us the information, it was like ‘BOOM’ that’s the house. We knew it was the house and we got it. Thanks, Cheryl.”

John and Justina Settles, Seattle



Phone: 206-650-4645


VelDyke Realty, Inc.
5500 Rainier Avenue South

Seattle, WA  98118

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